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Secrets of a Kept Woman 2 - Kindle Fire Giveaway!

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As you might know, I promised to give away one brand new Kindle Fire HDX book reader to anyone kind enough to leave a “book review” at the Secrets of a Kept Woman 2 Amazon book page to help part 2 of the series reach more readers.
Well, a sincere thanks goes out to dozens of readers and fans in this effort.  If you missed out on the contest, you can still grab the ebook for only $4.99. You can read on your PC, Smartphone, iPad, Kindle, or MAC.  If you did leave  a book review, your name was in the box of submissions and you might just win a Kindle Fire HDX.
Shani  G. Dowdell
Author and Publisher, Secrets of a Kept Woman 1 & 2, Keepin' It Tight, editor of Mocha Chocolate Series and Savor: The Longest Night, and several short stories.
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"I loved this book from cover to cover.
" - Jennifer Martin
"When the past collides with the present, it's fireworks!"
-  Ronald Gordon

Five Years Later...
Stealing Shayla's first husband wasn't enough. Rhonda's back for seconds and this time it's not a game. The goodwill to step in and help an old friend may land Shayla Davis a chair on the other side of her psychiatry desk or even worse when Rhonda starts plotting and scheming to take what she thinks should be hers.


Check out the revised version of 

Before the Clock Strikes Twelve

Shani Greene-Dowdell has released an Amazon Exclusive shortie, "Before the Clock Strikes Twelve." Head on over to Amazon and download your copy for 1.99.

Nice and Steamy:  Myron and Tekah Burns are dreading spending their first Christmas as newlyweds apart. She is home alone wrapping gifts with nothing but a bag of Cheetos and reruns of Christmas specials. When his boss let's him leave work early, he makes this holiday night one they will always remember.